Scrap Happy-February 2022

Time to link up to all those fabulous Scrap Happy Crew. Organised by Kate and Gun.

Following on from my Red Dot Challenge is this Blue with Pink Dot projects, it’s not as soft as the lovely Red – mmmmm so is a little slower to stitch. I cannot call it a scrap challenge like the red because I have 2 metres of this fabric. Must have been on sale and it was left over from binding a quilt many years ago. Plus another red one.

Srappy up/recycling. My small table top ironing board needed extra padding. The MOTH & I were tidying the shed, decluttering, Bingo 2 old ironing boards, which we meant to donate during one of our lockdown clean outs. I took the old foam, doubled and padded my little board. Then the good frames are being donated when our local thrift shop reopens. I still need to organise a new top cover for mine, no rush as it only has a little scorch mark when I overheated iron-on pellon and was too busy to use my teflon cover. Lesson learned ✅

To finish of, not my work as the hairdresser gets credit. My new scraggy hairdo. A good 6 inches lopped off and Bye Bye Ponytail.

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at).

KateGun, EvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
Claire, JanMoira, SandraChrisAlys,
ClaireJeanJon, DawnJuleGwen,
Bekki, Sunny, Kjerstin, Sue LVera,
NanetteAnn, Dawn 2, Bear, Carol,
Preeti, Edith

Happy Scrapping 💚 Debbierose

9 thoughts on “Scrap Happy-February 2022

  1. Wow, love the hair do, you look wonderful. Very impressed with the ironing board update, and I agree with others about scrap fabric. Old cars are scrapped, so it’s not size that defines scrap.

  2. As the moderator, I can take an executive decision to call fabric ‘left over’ from another project a scrap, so you get bonus points for the Blue with Pink Dots project too! Well done on the ironing board upcycle and reuse. Love the haircut, by the way!

      1. It always amazes me that some people regard a fat quarter-sized piece as a scrap, but if it’s a leftover from something I suppose it’s justified. On that basis, about 90% of the fabric in my cupboard could be classed as scrap, since I mostly buy too much fabric knowing I’ll easily use up the rest on another project.

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