Sashiko Christmas

I adore Christmas. This stitchery gift from a dear friend & completed last year is now taking its final shaping step. Using some of my precuts. I am mounting on lightweight board. As this item is only up for a short time I wanted something sturdy, as it was appalling to iron. Linen often is, and I am not wishing to iron it annually. Now lots of pinning, lacing, scrunching of the face while this beauty is completed.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

Happy Step Mummys Day to me….

My marvellous MOTH hinted I needed a new craft magnifier. As mine went to craft lamp heaven some time back.

I jumped at the opportunity. Bonus it converts to a desk/table model to take to group Stitching. Double bonus it was half price the day we went shopping.

Love my MOTH

Happy Crafting to all 💋 Debbierose

Covid Crochet Hexies

Last year as lockdown hit. I gathered up yarn, hooks, a pattern and distributed amongst the ladies in my Church Chat group. A group set up to support local refugee’s form around the globe who now live in safety from bombings and war.

These lovely ladies toiled away creating hexies. I am now starting to stitch together for them. The first throw will go to a lovely lady who’s. Children are moving to Melbourne. A momento of Geelong and her fellow Crafting Friends.

I started to pin with knitting stitch markers in the car today on way to MILs. 11 flowers, a few dropped stitch markers. Choosing layout now ready to stitch with variegated pink feathers to add texture.

once these 11 are together, I can hexy off and turn this beauty into a single throw.

Slice of life

Prep work takes time. Inspired by the scrap quilts of my talented local stitchery friends and blog buddies. Also desire to create my own small stash of slices. Ready to do whatever. A dear friend has a go cutter, using the 2.5 in strip die, WOF. I have been busily slicing my stash. A lot of Christmassy themed fabric which I can do what ever, whenever. Perhaps cross cut into 2.5 inch squares or I do have another idea I am keeping close to my heart. However a few other WIPs desperately needed finishing first, before I start another project. Otherwise the MOTH will have a conniption – LOL

Happy Stitching 💜 Debbierose

Combi Wombi

Lego Happy Dance – my Combi is finally complete. I have loved every moment of this project and pondering on another kit. I wonder what it will be the Aston Martin DB5? Yes I am a Bond fan. I love the moment Q introduced James to the DB5 in Goldfinger. Sean Connnery the ultimate Bond in my eye and mind, may he RIP

Until next time 💚 Debbierose

Hey Babe, want a ride
I called Shot Gun, Krum I’m driving

Renovation update …

The MOTH and I have been slowly, at a snails pace renovating. The last item lovely big new front and rear windows. This week the new roller blinds were installed. Only hitch the pelmets have not arrived – oh well, we don’t make our final payment until they are installed. So no biggies at the moment.

The windows when brought into the house too up the entire lounge as they had to be installed from the inside. Ignore our gawdy wall paper that hopefully will be gone by the end of the year. Dust and dirt everywhere for this installation. It took 6 somewhat burly men, to lift these monster double glazed windows. I love the new wind out windows, a huge improvement on the old lift up and strain yourself windows.

Until next time 💙 Debbierose

Almost flat out….

As I approach the 100 mark – 100 gumballs not years old ^^ LOL

I took some play time, and spread several on the bed, all need blocking as not perfectly flat and even. I made sure I had a white background to make it pop. Here a few snaps of the colours and how vibrant this project is. Obviously once sewn together I will add a border. Deciding if I want another round or two of the rainbow from the center, or just the cream and a row of scallops? Suggestions always welcome.

Happy Crafting 💚 Debbierose

You have Mail…

Even better, Happy Mail. A recent and rare online purchase as I am a tactile person, online shopping does not thrill me. Anyway this lovely Applique Bag Pattern and a few lacey zippers had to be mine. I enjoy English Paper Piecing and will share my progress once a few other WIP’s are finished.

Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose