Little bit of this….

Recently (early January) I stumbled upon a Gothic crossstitch facebook group. Some seriouslt talented generous ladies. They are holding a free 12 month calendar year stitch-a-long temperature chart. It’s a bookcase and all the books represent your time zone temperature for the year. Tweaking the main bookcase colour with the MOTHs help as we prefer a wood toned colour instead of black. I’m enjoying this project, it’s simple, stylish and fun.

Tap dance with my happy socks. I’m not a “one sock wonder” anymore. However I am not planning another pair
Finished my Christmas stitchery, my holiday project. I choose to just bind it as it was narrow and didn’t want to border and take away from the message. Yes it’s a proud grin as I show off this finish. And the jelly pink frames of new glasses series.
Little kitty bookmark for a friend who recently turned 75

Until next time, Happy Stitching

❤❤ Debbierose


3 thoughts on “Little bit of this….

  1. some lovely finishes there Debbie ^^ Love the socks! and can’t believe that you won’t want to knit a second pair one day ^^

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