A little bit about Me

Welcome to Sew Rosey. I have never blogged before, so it is another first of many over the last year.  To start with, my real name is Debbierose and I have used the Sew Rosey title in memory of my dear mum who passed away several years go.  I also have her christian name as my second name so I have blended it for this chapter of my life.  It was my Mums love of all things crafty, and as Rosey was her nickname.  It seemed very appropriate and symbolic to me, so the memory of Roseys sewing/crafts lives on in my heart.  Not only did she teach me ever so patiently to sew, knit, cook and garden, but to also appreciate life and all it is worth. Thanks Mum you are my guardian and inspiration.

A little about me – I live in Geelong – Australia, yes I come from the land down under.  I am married and the MOTH (Man of the House) is a Gem, tolerating my crafts, clutter and threads floating about.  One house, two people and lots of crafts.  He even attends the craft shows, and does not complain about the growing fabric stash.  I am truly blessed.

Like most crafters I have a few (lots) of works in progress (WIP’s) so I will be updating the categories asap over the next few months as I catalogue and itemise them fully.  A daunting task.  Along the way I hope to and will complete many projects, and start a few also. Ciao for now. xx Debbierose


7 thoughts on “A little bit about Me

    1. Thankyou for the nomination – I will need to check it all out as I am new to the blogging world over the past few months. Thansk for stopping by and once again Thankyou

    1. Thankyou very much – I have been away on holiday and apologies for the late reply – thanks for visiting my blog and I will be checking yours out shortly also.

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