Working From Home – continues and I personally like/enjoy it! I have started to go back into the office one day per week as social distancing in the office is still a mind field. Its fine in the corridors, however the valuable desk real-estate away from others at a premium.

I was thinking of taking a small project with me to do at lunch time. Finding a location to sit quietly is awkward, and as people have-not seen each other for such a time, they all want to catch up at lunch time. The joys of being the “cool girl at school” – ha ha – that was not me at all, which is why I am surprised so many want to catch up with me know. Catching up on my blog reading is a fabulous use of my lunch-time as I chomp down my sandwich, plus a great way to connect with my fellow bloggers. It has been such a long time, and I slowly reconnecting with the WordPress platform and how to “add stuff”

The quiet and solitude revives me, and with the exception of a dear friend who also works in the same building (casually) I am happy to have lunch on my lonesome – ha ha. This week I had a special treat, a lunch date with the MOTH who had an appointment close by. Yes nothing but the best for us – sandwiches for two from the staff cafe, which is do-able in my 30 min lunch break especially when the fridge was bare, due to lack of shopping time this week.

Because I haven’t baked lately. I surprised the MOTH with his favourite Apple Pie. Perfect for these rainy winter nights. My Moth loves his with vanilla ice cream, myself vanilla yoghurt. Yum

Take care 🫓 Debbierose

Delight in the little things 1.0

Embroidery, Oh I have missed you. Yes it’s been a long time since I tackled Embroidery. Whilst tidying by craft box, I came across these little tracings stashed away in the bottom of a draw. Relying on to remind me how to Stem stitch 😀 ^^

Now the fun part, using leftover floss gathered over the years from kits. A lock down project last year, winding and sorting threads.

Pin cushions will be the outcome, eventually.

Until next time 💕💕 Debbierose

Yeah, Confetti Gumball Happy Dance

A project I have totally enjoyed. Gumballs with 4 rows, turned into squares, stitched stitched and border of cream and final row of confetti. Simple, relatively quick, and oh SEW relaxing as I stitched in all those ends as I went.

I didn’t do a final measure, silly me, but fits nicely on top of QS bed pictured. So double I am guessing. Anyway it’s super snuggly and the lovely couple it has been gifted to love it.

Until next time – Happy Crafting 💚💚 Debbierose

I can sew a rainbow

Well, Rainbow Gumballs. Lots of relaxing sewing. Yes, relaxing, rewarding and fun.

66 stitched. 6 rows of 11. 3 more rows to go. Apologies for Angle of shot. I will have MOTH hold it up when complete. In a few weeks if all goes to plan.

Plus my 2nd baby bright needs a border? I have been a busy gal. Suggestions and recommendations always welcome.

Happy Stitching 💜💙 Debbierose


Early this week I experienced the kindness and generosity of a total stranger. Overwhelmed as everything seems to go wrong lately. Just the not so good tends to shine brighter than the good lately.

This week the washer “threw a tantrum, blew the power point contacts, which needed the Electrician’s costly repair. The MOTH spent several hours it seemed on the phone to the Machine repairer who cannot come out until next week with min call out fee of $200AU plus parts, and Machine is only 4 years old, and a very expensive reputable brand.

Why was I overwhelmed? My card would not work at the laundromat and a kind gentleman gave me $12 to do my laundry and I don’t carry cash at the moment. (Covid tapping has created NIL cash in my purse) Asking his details so I could repay him or I said I would pop to the shop and withdraw cash – no, no, no my dear, you just pay it forward. And I shall.

While the wash was busily washing, I ran (slowly) to the local supermarket thinking I will get some cash out. Only to have my card decline with faulty PIN. Holding back the tears, I headed back and asked for his details again, obtaining the same reply. Pay it forward. Kindness did overwhelm my very frustrated day, which then had me in a bank branch, and the staff ordering a new card, which they cannot figure out has gone Ka-put!

Kindness IS still around during these interesting times.

On a happy note, I did take some gumball bright’s with me, activity while waiting for the laundry and happily sewed several together helping to reduce my increasing stress levels. I think this one maybe a little larger, as I have been carried away with bright centers and have made extra – again. – LOL

Kindness and Happiness to all my stitchery and crafting friends

xx Debbierose

Oh my aching fingers

One Antler down, many calluses resulting. My my itsvtough stitching. What was I thinking. Cover first then embellish. Its dragging and pulling through thick fabric, using stunning Wonderfill Dazzle. Will put tjis aside for a week I think, to let my fingers recover and focus on another fun project.

Happy Crafting 💙 Debbierose

Rudolph with your nose so bright

Rescue time long over due. My mend repair box overflows. To encourage me. I’m taking inspiration from Kate at

First, repairing Rudolph, who I will not send to landfill as he was a gift many years ago from my Dear Mumma. I covered the original antlers to rescue the wadding. Now to embellish, because Rudolph needs a little sparkle, just a touch of stitchery bling.

Next 2x repairs for MIL, a lovely sweater and cardigan using the faithfully trusty ladder stitch.

For the life of me I cannot get gallery group images in correct order. Oh well minor tech issue.

Happy Mending 💛 Debbierose

From this…

Re-purposing a draw string bag. After a tidy up of a box long forgotten after our kitchen reno 2 years ago. I stumbled on a drawstring bag containing an Alan key, dust cloth unopened, instructions on installing the flick mixer tap and a black plastic tool thingy. The MOTH ssid lets keep them. My response, you keep the contents if you want as the bsg is perfect size to cover my new craft lamp. I win perfect fit and over time I plan to glam it up.

Happy Crafting 💚💚 Debbierose

Sashiko Christmas

I adore Christmas. This stitchery gift from a dear friend & completed last year is now taking its final shaping step. Using some of my precuts. I am mounting on lightweight board. As this item is only up for a short time I wanted something sturdy, as it was appalling to iron. Linen often is, and I am not wishing to iron it annually. Now lots of pinning, lacing, scrunching of the face while this beauty is completed.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

Happy Step Mummys Day to me….

My marvellous MOTH hinted I needed a new craft magnifier. As mine went to craft lamp heaven some time back.

I jumped at the opportunity. Bonus it converts to a desk/table model to take to group Stitching. Double bonus it was half price the day we went shopping.

Love my MOTH

Happy Crafting to all 💋 Debbierose