SAL #7 Stitching ABC – G is for …..

G is for Gingham.  This one took me back to my school days.  The blue/white gingham school pinafore and matching gingham ribbon tied at the base of my braids.  Incredible memories about as this project unfolds. I commenced the next box with the I then stopped – the big H in the centre is actually next – Ahhhhh, this section is huge.

Do pop over and visit the talented crafters in the Stitch-a-long, they write amazing blogs and keep everyone motivated.

Until next time

xx Debbierose

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Hooks, needles & yarn #2

A month of productive crochet, and a tad of knitting.

2 yarn happy dances – yeah.  The first and largest is my crochet lacy scarf.  I did have a few reverse crochet moments to ensure I ended on the right spot of the chart.  I didn’t wish to waste the lovely Noro.

The next happy dance is a little knitted bonnet.  No pattern, except stitch numbers.  I really like moss stitch, lacy holes and had a rich red handy.  Silly me I forgot to get a picture with the red/white ribbon added.  Have already gifted to the recipient.  Hoping to obtain picture to complete the set.

I forgot to mention in the class I took with my cousin I also made this little tiny crochet basket.   Made great use of the lessons.  As you can see it is only tiny, to ensure I could knock it over on the same night.  Great fun and the perfect size to store some nail polish.

Until next month

xx Debbierose


SAL #6 Stitching ABC – F is for …..

F is for French Knots and fashionable fantastic crafts.  Just like those of my fabulous fellow SALers.  The list is growing and welcome back into the fold Mary Margaret, and newbies Renee & Jenny.  Take care all, and pop over to visit all the stunning creative crafts on the links below.

xxx Debbierose







Hooks, needles & yarn #1 In the beginning

I am setting myself up for a successful and productive year.  Once a month I will post my Yarn update.  I have a few projects on the go.  Crochet, knitting and need to tackle more yarn work on a regular basis to complete items.  Crochet being one of the many crafts I enjoy.   It had been several years since I spent serious hooking time.  After a pre-Christmas lunch with my cousins, one asked me a crochet question which I could not answer.  The recommendation/suggestion she/we attend a local crochet course – 4 x 2 hour sessions over 4 weeks.   We both attended the small group of 3 students and 1 instructions.

My main goal was to learn to correctly read a chart/pattern.  Expanding out of my comfort zone – the humble granny square into something a little fancier.  My MIL and I stumbled across a gorgeous scalloped scarf pattern years ago, and I even purchased the NORO to make it.   After several unsuccessful attempts with another yarn.  I gave up.  Stored the pattern and NORO away and swiftly forgot about it.  Until that fateful day at lunch.

On the first evening, I learnt to read and understand the pattern, whilst practicing on another yarn.  Then after a few more hours practicing at home.  I still did not have the courage to start on the NORO, I waited until the next lesson and under the guidance and support of my instructor this is my progress thus far, and I am very pleased.

Then stitch by stitch it is coming together.  especially a converted effort the day a few friends and I went to a Craft Cafe on the outskirts of Melbourne.   The perfect little shop smothered with year, kitsch retro furniture and “the best scones”.    20181027_114614 (1)

My nautilus shell scarf  has grown even further and almost half way.   Photo is not the best angle, perhaps I also need to add “work on my photographic skills” on the “to do list”


I will see you in a month – take care and I hope you too have had a productive month.

xx Debbierose

SAL #5 Stitching ABC – E is for …..

As we approach Christmas.  I leave with the letter E.  Embroidery hoop and a wish you and your families have many happy moments.  This is the time to be with our loved ones, and to fondly think of those who have gone to a better place.

The gift of giving has been one you have all shared with me throughout the year.  I have relished the growth of your craft projects, and hearing the snippets of your life.  Thank you for sharing your 2018 year.

Roll on 2019 – bigger and better craft projects and I hope many happy dances for all.

xx Debbierose

Now go over and see the spectacular work of my fellow SAL members.



SAL #4 Stitching ABC – D is for …..

D is for Darling Debbierose Darning, Ha ha Darning is something I never do.  Once upon a time we mended socks, now they seem to get tossed. The only darning I do, which is rare would be on a hand knit or crochet piece to darn the ends in.   If you do partake in the ancitne art of darning?  DO you use a Darning Egg, I have seen a few in antique posts and find them very interesting.  At great way to not stab yourself during repairs.

Please hop on over and follow the wonerful SAL members, their blogs and posts will not disappoint.    Now if you pop over to my fellow SAL members, I know you wil not be dissappointed.


See you in 3 weeks xx Debbierose


SAL #3 Stitching ABC – C is for …..

C is for Calico Cat – now most of you know I am not a Kitty fan, although I did adore stitching the little Clematis flowers, or whatever they are called. C also stands for another of my craft loves Crochet.  Thats for another post as I am working on a special project.


Please pop over an see that stunning work and crafts from my fellow SAL members.  I will see you in 3 weeks time and hopefully another letter completed.


Happy Stitching xx Debbierose

SAL #2 Stitching ABC – B is for …..

B is for Button.  This is a cute one, as I am fond of buttons.  Plus I have started the border of the surrounding ones as I will go round.   My MOTH had a chuckle as he also noticed I am a friend of the Victorian Button Collectors on Face Book.  They have a brilliant display.  I recall playing in the Nana’s button box as a child.  We would choose our favourite and substitute it for the playing pieces on the Monopoly Board.

Memories  – gotta love them, makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


Please click on the links below and see the wonderful crafts everyone else is working on. If there’s no post up yet, try again later, as we’re all n different time zones, and postings occur at random every 3 weeks on the day planned.   This week, we’re welcoming Clare, a new member of the SAL.   I am sure you will find her blog crafty and entertaining.

HayleyTony, MeganCatherine, DeborahConnie
and Clare

The next SAL will be on 11th November – Remembrance Day

SAL #1 Stitching ABC – A is for …..

Another project on the go – LOL.  This one is a lot of fun and while I have made loads of progress in the first 3 weeks, don’t hold me to that schedule.  A few of the letters are large/stitch intense.   Here is the letter A.  I wonder what other craft items you can add to the list for A is for applique – can you add to the list …


We have many talented Stitcher’s in this SAL.  Please pop over to my fellow bloggers you you will be delighted with their colourful talented efforts.

Happy Stitching Xx Debbierose


Birth Sampler #7 Stitching completed Happy Dance

I hope my neighbours heard/felt my happy dance with the completion of this project.  Its been a long time in the making.  My friends Bubba is now 5.5kg, smiling and both Mum & Bub recovering well after a rough greeting into the world.   Now I need to  get the machine out and finish this wall hanging!  I am giving myself an achievable deadline – 3 weeks and the next post in this SAL.


Now onto my original stitchery, Save the Stitches.  When I can locate where I filed it amongst the WIPS etc it will turn up.  In the meant time I have chosen another project.


Please hop over to my fellow bloggers you you will be delighted with their colourful talented efforts.

Happy Stitching Xx Debbierose