Scrap Happy May and an official diagnosis

Scrap Happy May has arrived. Not much progress, yet lots of work. Pressing, trimiming and more chain piecing. These little pieces, addictive. It’s official, I have self diagnosed FSSO. Free Style Scrap Obsession,

Yes, more of the same. Plus I found another box of scraps in the back room. Exciting.

Anyway, please pop over to my fellow blog scrap buddies, guru’s. Welcome to Hannah our newest member.

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The MOTH & I have been busy. Not sewing. Just busy. Crafting at a minimin, however relaxing eith my pen, paper and crayons. I have always been adicted to my DIARY. Not the Dear Diary, today I fell in love with, kind of diary. The traditional date/planner style. Over the years I have purchased and used many styles. Always adding doodles or coloured scribbles throughout.

Last year I heard about bullet journalling. I have been researching, pintresting, etc. I have started. Its a bit awkward. I started jotting ideas. Then added the Ode of Remembrance and a few hand drawn poppies after we attended the pre-dawn & dawn services.

The hardest thing to grasp, if ever made, go with it. Yes I spelt remember wrong, pened over it it and this baby step is me moving on. An isdue I have moving on when little things go wrong.

More planning to come and the Start of May.

I am hoping journalling in art will result in my Travel notes, pic ftom various trips, becoming orgsnised/condensed. Scrap booking mot tge goal, a reflective record of trips, with a pop of colour.

Happy Crafting 鉂わ笍 Debbierose

ScrapHappy – April 2023

A warm April Scrap Happy welcome to Tierney, and welcome back to Lynn. Scrapping of any type/medium our way through our stashes, creating, sampling you name it. Thanks to our organisers Kate & Gun who continue to inspire, keep us on track and continue to motivate us.

My effort this month stared slow and picked up this week. Crumb blocks and stacks growing, The laundry basket of chain grows, separated, pressed & trimmed again. I do have 14 6 inch blocks. Not sure yet of final block size, I’m thinking 8 inches. Its just enjoyable, no thinking, just fabulous fun making new fabric from my crumbs.

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Happy Easter & Secret Sewing Reveal

I’m a little late posting, as the MOTH & I, have been helping a friend organise her hubbys funeral. A lovely send off and tribute to a kind, caring chap. I aldo delivered the Eulogy, trembling a little, along the way.

Anyway, moving on as life does. Instead of eggs this year. A friend who has a small cupcake business, baked & decorated these stunners. Delicious, scrumptious chocolate cupcake blooms. Plus a little bunnie bottom diving into it’s rabbit hole.

Finally I can reveal my secret sewing. Yes, secret, and over 12 months in the making. Each March we gather for a weekend of sewing, at a local guide camp. No TV, just 6 stitching pals, stitching. Sewing machines lovingly transported and used all weekend. And its was a public holiday 3 1/2 day weekend. Woo hoo. For myself only 2 1/2 as I was unable to attend the first night. Family does come first. Last year we decided to each make 6 blocks, Christmas/tree themed. Here are mine and I will show my received blocks another day.

Do you like my teeny tiny hand embroidered bl9cks, a little rustic looking, and I still haven’t mastered french or colonial knots, I interchange these often.

The trees deliberately have no trunk. My home town is known for its floating Christmas Tree, 馃巹 therefore I skipped the trunk. Here is the original floating on Corio Bay, in my home town of Geelong. It lights up at night, a lovely colour changing beacon.

Last, but by no means least. My beloved MOTH, had a small carpal tunnel operation recently. Here he is only hours after the day stay procedure, sitting in a locsl cafe, lunching on S&P calamari, easily managed with one hand. I made his sling, and had the nurses fit it correctly. No boring meshy sling for my man. Who has been growing his beard. I said if it gets long enough I could plait and bead it, like Capt’ Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean 馃ぃ

That’s all for now.

Happy Stitching 馃挐 Debbierose

ScrapHappy March 2023

A merry March welcome to our 2 newest members Amo and Alissa. A mighty March organisers Kate & Gun. Contact them if interested in joining our happy scrappy band.

March has seen a lot of progress with my crumb quilting, Which abruptly came to a holt Sunday when my sewing machine (10 year old Brother NS10) stalled, jammed, gave up the gong and I fear is not worth the cost of repairing. During lockdown it behaved in a similar fashion, I dismantled, cleaned, an revived it. Alas no luck this time. It has served me well.

I have a back up a Singer, and most of my brother feet including walking foot. Fit her like a treat. So many more tiny seams have evolved. No final blocks to show. However 2 of my large boxes of scraps are now neat, sewn, ironed and neatened up into one smaller box.

To visit my blogging scrappers check their lunks below. Until next time

Happy Stitching 馃挌 Debbierose

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February only 28 days and still jammed packed

1st up. My little cross stitch is growing. The MOTHS gift, yeah – finished the crosses, next onto the detailing. It’s a great pattern, and I am sure to repeat it on Aida, which is my preferred cross stitch medium. And definitely will never use plastic canvas ever again.

February was a very busy month. My mobile needed replacing, then the fridge 20 years of faithful service finally gave up. Shopping for appliances is not a task I enjoy. Plus a super busy work month.

The weather has been hot/cold/humid/extreme heat/bushfires. So on one of the nicer weekends the MOTH and I ventured to a local plant farm. Rich in floral and succulent beauties. Bonus sculptures dotted in the landscape.

Here’s a lovely Jacobean Lily. We spied outside the plant farm.

February is the season of love 鉂わ笍. We don’t really fall into a valentines day mould. Everyday should be special not just one particular day. However, this Valentine day we took a walk along the water front, grabbed a pizza and laughed lots. The weather radiant, and not too many out and about, making it perfect.

February is the season of love 鉂わ笍. We don’t really fall into a valentines day mould. Everyday should be special not just one particular day. However, this Valentine day we took a walk along the water front, grabbed a pizza and laughed lots. The weather radiant, and not too many out and about, making it perfect.

Well, that’s about for the time being.

Happy Crafting 馃挐馃挅 Debbierose

Scrap Happy February 2023

The past month has beencaxtad more productive than ususal. Also centred around mindless stitching.

My first First scrappy project this month is a repair project. With random rain in summer the umbrella is getting a great workout. However this cherished piece a gift from the MOTH has a wooden handle. Which I heard go “crack” and spied the damage. Ok its approximately 10 years old, served me well and still has loads of life. Packing tape to the rescue. With this gorgeous print I call it my “Pari-sol” LOL

Now to the mindless time consuming scrap boxes. I set my ironing board at chair height and commenced. Watching TV, mindless ironing, then stitching, some trimming. It’s the scrap block time, or crumb quilting. A large tub to catch the mega chain piece.

Next, more clipping, ironing and stitching ax my crumb blocks grow.

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Until next time, Happy Stitching 馃槉 Debbierose

Miss Mable & more …

Oh how I love Christmas. I couldn’t resist this beautiful kit from Fig’n’Berry Creations.

Miss Mabel came pre-printed on linen, with an extra iron on copy for later use.

This project combines my love of Christmas, red work and embroidery in general. This red work uses DMC variegated red 115, to add a little pizzazz. Before commencing I added a light fusible stitchery stabiliser. I’m in my happy place stitching 馃槂

Secret crafts I csn now share as now gifted cushion with spotty dresden EPP-applique

Also gifted crochet beanie and MILs cotton crochet snuggley

Until next time 馃挍 Debbierose

Scrap Happy – January 2023

2023 is going to be a fabulous year. I get to be a great aunty (again) and baby boy 馃懚 projects are my current focus.

Using the left over bamboo from chemo beanies I made last year. I came across this free pattern. Crochet, and I was drawn to the off center wrap, 3 button loops, seamless design. Bonus, it is a quick, easy, project for these hot summer Aussie nights.

It looks wonky at present as I have just started the sleeve and frogged several times as I tweak it to get the right stitch ratio. The pattern doesnot specify a stitch count. The seamless feel is amazing.

Pattern could easily be adapted to adult size. If I am ever that inspired.

Being part of Scrap Happy is inspiring. My fellow scrapsters motivate, create and have a wonderful array of talents. Please visit their blogs via these links.

Until next time

Happy Stitching 馃挋 Debbierose

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