Celebration, baking & a fall

We celebrated st a local Italian Bistro this week.  My MOTH completed successfully his Double Diploma of Tourism, Travel & Events.    Check out this gorgeous seared scallops in lemon butter.  Perfect celebration meal.


Yesterday on my way out of the car park I slipped, swooshed to the ground.  Shocked, stunned & scarred.  Yes it does hurt, & bruises still coming out.   I’m determined it’s not slowing down my Storm at Sea this weekend.  I’ll pack plenty of pain killers.


A new recipe.  I was googling recipes to use up some cream & yogurt.  Here are an American Fruit Biscuit, which we call Scones here in Oz.


Baked in a piece not separated just scored.  Turned out quite nice, if I  do say so.  They must be tasty, the MOTH gobbled up a few for supper.


I’ll be back after the weekend, with my Storm at Sea progress.

Until next week.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx

Same Same but different – Happy Dance

I never posted the look-a-like  quilt.  As I was still finishing binding as we went on holiday.


I had previously blogged her little  sisters quilt & brothers.  So 3 quilty happy dances this year.  All safely with their miniature owners our 3 grandies.

I’m off to quilt camp with the girls this weekend, so will be backing my storm at sea.  It needs a good iron, but looking good, I’m proud I could fix it, after the template disaster fiasco.

Here’s were I left off.


Until next time.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


3 week SAL Happy Dance 16 October

Happy Dance Ladies.  Thanks for your support & encouragement. One WIP down !  Not saying how many more to go 💃


Now to rummage through my WIP stash for my next project.

I hope you make time to visit the other stitchers in this group. Ladies currently in the SAL and links are:  Avis  Claire  Kate  Carole  Gun  Wendy  Sue  Jess   Constanze  Christina  Lucyanne  Susan   Kathy & welcome to Margaret

See you all in 3 week

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose


ScrapHappy 15th October

Yahoo made entirely with scraps from these 2 itty bitty bins, & sewn with left over bobbin bits.


A foundation piece courthouse steps 2 inch square pincushion.  Ok its a bit wonky where I stitched it closed, also stuffed with cut off scraps & useless wadding scrap.


Now, ignore the lint, I carry a small hand work kit, so my pincushion fits nicely.  It has a magnet to hold my scissors.  Yes it is a recycled sun glasses case, one of those mega tough ones.


All set for my Save the stitches project SAL, the next dozen or so diapers anyway.

Here are the links for everyone who joinsTracy ScrapHappy from time to time, they may not post every time, but tCathyheir blogs are still worth looking at.

These usually have a scrappy post:   Kate  Gun  Titti   Helene  susan   Nanette  Norma  Birthe  Turid  Jodie   Eva  Sue  Lyn   Lynda   Jill  Clair

I hope to see you again, 15th of next month!

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose



Christmas Knitting

Great yarn scrap project.  Ornament Christmas hats.  I’m a slow knitter so each one took half an hour, then stitched.  So about 45 min for each.  Fun, and not too much brain overuse after a hectic week.

This batch is off to a seniors luncheon at a local group.  My little contribution to the cause.


Until next time, Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose


Red Algae Felting

At a ladies group, we recently had a felting demonstration.  Its hard work rolling rolling rolling that damp wool.  I chose a sheer red/charcoal combo for mine.  Reminds me of Red Algae, so ocean scene perhaps.

The end goal, take my approx 10 inch squarish block,  add embroidery, tart it up, turn into …..  not sure yet, winging it 😀

One of the ladies gave me her eork, said do with it  whatever you choose.  Not sure what will become of this 9 inch squarish piece.


Watch this space

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

SAL 3 week update 25 September

What!  I’m back! Been in hiding! Won Lotto!  In witness protection!  😂😂 practicing my facial moves, so I look surprised when declared Mrs Oz & accept my Tiara !

No, nothing remotely as exciting.  After my holiday, I had a week with a virus.   Then 2 weeks full time work, plus attendance at a seminar by  Harbugs titled “The Power of the Unspoken”.   An amazing  presentation which has enabled me to look stunned, humbled even when presented that tiara.   Then more work, plenty of freezer restocking, and another week off with a mix of sinusitis & conjunctivitis, laryngitis caused by cough from sinusitis.  So its been a lean stitching few weeks.  I was so sick I even forgot about my scrap happy update.  Oh well, double trouble next month.

Ok, now to the SAL, before & after. Slow n steady.  Christmas is approaching, so I better get stuck a wiggle on 🎄

After, nearly finished

Please visit the other amazing ladies in the SAL,  we have different tine zones.  So updates will vary a little.  But do check out their progress I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Until the next 3 weeks are up – Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose