SAL #4 Birth Sampler

A few more stitches on my SAL, time has flown – and the baby has arrived a few weeks early.   I really need to get stitching and complete this project.

Do pop over and view the wonderful work of my fellow SAL’ers, far more productive than I, but then every stitch counts.


AvisClaireGunCaroleLucyAnnKateJessSue,  ConstanzeChristina,  KathyMargaretCindyHelenStephLindaMary Margaret,  Heidi, JackieSunnyHayleyTonyMeganTimothyCatherine

Happy Stitching Xx Debbierose


SAL#3 Birth Record (growing) & SAL#15 Save the Stitches (no progress)

As the end of the financial year looms I have been toiling away on one item only.  Mainly as the baby is due soon – therefore my number one priority in the crafting arena.

I am enjoying this little cross stitch especially as the back stitch makes it come to life.


Do pop over (links below) and see the other extremely talented craft bloggers in this group, I know you will love their work and perhaps find inspiration of your own,

Happy Stitching  ♥ Debbierose Xx


Hi Everyone.

Unfortunately no progress on my SAL as I had a little segue for a birthday Biscornu.  I decided to put a line backing on this one for a change and it was awkward to stitch.

Do pop over to the other wonderful members in our group, they always have such wonderful progress.  See you all in 3 weeks.




Happy Stitching  Debbierose

Calling all craft minded Toastmasters.

I am curious?  Are there any of my fellow craft bloggers or your family/friends who are members of Toastmasters?

Toastmasters, for those not familiar is a public speaking club and not about cooking your bread to perfection and slathering it with butter.  (Insert yummy buttery toasty smile topped with Jam – here).

We also have on-line clubs for those who have difficulty getting out and wish to make that vital connection around the globe.  I am a member of 2 online clubs and one land based or as we refer to it Bricks and Mortar club.   If you are interested in checking out an online Toastmasters club and seeking what I consider the most inexpensive form of education.    We meet weekly in the “cloud”  traversing the globe from varied locations.

The theme for our next meeting  – Who I remember most… I dare you to be original. Think outside your family circle and share with us.
On the day, meet us in the cloud at this address:
Check for the correct time where you are:

I hope to see you online, for a fun filled meeting.


Debbierose – Ablaze Toastmasters

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Sadly no progress at all for either of my SAL’s – many reasons.  The main on pre-occupied with a kitchen renovation, which will take a few more weeks.  However the bulk of heavy work completed by my brother with the MOTH’s assistance.  However you will be delighted with the progress by the other highly industrious members of the SAL.  The boys have nearly gutted the kitchen, ripped up the old lino, and the floor boards should polish up nicely.   Bench top sin and plaster dust everywhere.   Still need to have electrician, plasterer and painting completed.  Plus a new window.  Perhaps 4 more weeks of chaos but main section is moving along well.   Flat packs taken over the lounge, passage etc are almost all in their new homes.

Image may contain: indoor

Fingers crossed the next 3 weeks are more productive.

Happy Sttiching – Debbierose xx

QAYG 56/100

My QAYG has resurfaced.  Enjoying this between SALs.  Previously had 36 fully completed with sashiko flowers.  Plus 20 ready for sashiko flower.

Now, over half way completed 56 fully completed.  On a mission to finish my QAYG.  As have 4 of each colour.  Plan to use 75 for a runner & 25 as a bag.  Photo has several folded in half to mimic layout.



Ciao for now & Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

SAL #14 Save the Stitches & SAL#2 Birth Record

Greeting everyone!  I do hope you are well and keeping busy.  Incredible how much you can achieve when a baby is due – not mine just to reiterate.  A dear friend in one of my stitching groups is having her first baby.  As a result the bulk of my stitching is on a birth record, and a little on my original SAL after frogging!

20180415_222042.jpgWoo hoo lots of birth record progress to show.


The other members of this SAL are far more productive than I and I do hope you can hop over and view their impressive works.  I feel very privileged to be part of this SAL Group.

See you in 3 weeks – Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose Xx

SAL #13 Save the Stitches & SAL#1 Birth Record

Apologise for the lateness of this post.  My Oops, had wrong day set in the schedule then life got in the way didn’t realise I was a day out until now.   On a positive note I have a new mobile phone with 16 Mega pixel camera which is fabulous for crafty pics like my SAL Project. Feeling chuffed and excited by the photo quality.

Anyway – Woo Hoo this SAL group is growing.  We have another new SAL member to welcome into the group. His name is Tony – Welcome20180326_075016.jpg

My save the stitches has not grown too much, the 2 covered little boxes are going to be frogged as they are out of order, plus my stitching looked messy.  Not much progress this fortnight as I have also commenced a birth record, for a lovely friends bub due in June. Really need to get stuck into this one as priority.  Hope no one minds me tackling 2 SAL’s at same time here.  This is the cutest Dimensions kit, not large and generic as we do not know if bubs is a boy or girl.  The lovely girl is also in one of my sewing groups, the first baby in all our teams, excluding grandchildren.  We are all very excited about this bub,


My progress so far, which I plan serious stitching time this coming fortnight.20180326_095708.jpg

Please pop over and visit the other SAL members who are far more industrious than I have been of late.

AvisClaireGunCaroleLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanze, Christina,

Take Care & Happy Stitching

xx Debbierose







SAL #12 – Save the Stitches

Hello everyone,

Wow March is already here and the time has flow once again.  I have been busy and completed a few more blocks.  The yellow was very stitch intense as it had split stitches, which are not a favourite.   It is incredible how the patterns build up with this blackwork technique.

As I am close to finishing in the next few months, research into framing has already commenced.  Floating framing has been suggested?  What are your thoughts?



Do pop over to view the incredible work from the talented SAL bloggers below.  You will not be disappointed, and may even like to join.   If you do wish to join contact Avis or Claire for full details on how to be part of this fun group.

Until next time – Happy Stitching – Debbierose



SAL#11 Save the Stitches




4 little motifs over the past 3 weeks.  Now on the home stretch, a few complex blocks, and a little colour fun.

Welcome to our newest member Sunny, I look forward to seeing your program and stitching achievements.

The list of SAL members is below the picture, do explore their progress and enjoy the crafting exploits.  Truly a talented band of craft bloggers.



Until next time – Happy Stitching – Debbierose