Shopping with MIL

After the events of the past week, a little retail therapy beckoned. MIL needed a new dressing gown, and we ended up adding a new matching wallet & cross over bag for her.

Not to be left out a lovely Red Cross Over called to me from across the store… “Debbierose, Debbierose I’m over here”

How could this confirmed bag lady not provide a safe home for this darling bag.

Cheers to all 💋 Debbierose

Blossom Bag

The MOTH – How many bags do you need?

Me – “seriously” with a quizzical look being my response. Followed by it didn’t cost me anything ……. it was all from my stash ^^

The MOTH – shakes his head and wanders off to his computer.

Does this conversation only occur in our home? LOL & ^^ Anyway this series of fabric button’s and matching handles finally evolved into my blossom bag. With a little help from a friend the design organically evolved.

Reminds me of a Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. Especially with the junk I tote around. Love the acrylic coated fabric handles & buttons.

Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose


A friend who is super experienced fitting zips, gave me a little zippy bag lesson recently. Using some “bag print” fabric, my first foray into zippy bags has begun. A few travel bags for my make-up, brush, and other bits and pieces. My hairbrush, mane taming rake. Little did I know how quickly they would be tossed into our overnight bag.

We received a call at noon last Wednesday, rally the family at the Nursing home. My MOTH, MIL & two Brothers said their last goodbye to this Dad. FIL’s passing, while on the cards, also a little unexpected, as he was only placed in the Nursing home a few weeks prior, as MIL being 86 herself and unwell needed help.

The next chapter of the circle of life begins.

Take care & Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose

With a click, click here …

  • The MOTH gave me a lovely DSLR camera about 18 months ago. I am still attempting to master the basics. Much to my dismay – dismally at times. I am not a techie type of person and blog pics are carried out using my smart phone, minimal cropping etc. Otherwise nothing would arrive to the blog if I took the time it takes to create the lovely pictures my DSLR is capable of (when I am driving it – LOL). There is a techie component, after the shot is nicely taken, and this I struggle with. The MOTH has a few “programs” to enhance photo’s and I am seeking your sage advice.
  • Do you use any specific editing software eg: photoshop etc that you find easy to use for this confirmed non tech head.
  • Now we are free to roam maskless in most areas, I caught up with a couple of gorgrous girlfriends at a local cafe chocolaterie. First time in a year I applied a full face of make-up.
Not too shabby for someone turning 58 in a few month’s

Hugs for now 💋 Debbierose

Fiddly bits

I have wanted to make the Lego Volkswsgon Beetle for ages. My first car was a white beetle and I still recall it’s licence plate. JOT556.

I drove my old car until it caught fire with me in it. Pulled over as I saw the flames in the rear view. Luckily I stopped in front on a Fireman’s house and he was out watering the garden. Put out the fire and my little car went to VW Graveyard.

Next the Combi Van.

Until next time 💜 Debbierose

Colourful Strings & a “Christmas Movie”

Last night it was relaxing movie time, chillin with the MOTH. His choice a festive Christmas theme movie. Yes you cannot beat a good Christmas Movie, we love them in our house, all year round. Die Hard 2, was the choice as we viewed #1 a few weeks back. Needless to say not quite my cuppa tea/interpretation of the Christmas theme. However, it does occur at Christmas.

With my spirits needing a small pick me up, I felt it time to stitch a few ends in the latest Gumball Rainbow Bright. Oddly, I find it relaxing. Appreciating this is one step in the process, and a vital one. Must be old age creeping in, as a youth I would rush this section, not appreciating it fully, saving all till the end and dreading the process.

Anyway, here are the progress pics.

Rewarding to see progress, and ready for next rounds
So many colourful Strings

And yes, the MOTH has advised there are 4 movies in this series. He nicely watches Chick Flicks with me, so I will be prepared for the next one.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching 🥰 Debbierose xx

Kissing Fish

Last year I stumbled upon some delightful black work sites, while swiping facey and pinterest. Although I was not tackling any new projects, I still have several stitching WIPS’s that need completing. I was inspired to track down during the vibrant ThreadworX Bradley Balloon Thread. Lush and gorgeous. Naturally I have had to commence immediately with the ideal & “free” black work pattern from the talented Clare Ardali from Purple Peppermint I will not be using the solid colours, instead opting for full on Bradley Balloons, and Pink Lips. Loving is new project.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching 💕 Debbierose

Quilt top in a day

It’s been a good 2 years since I pieced a quilt. Last Sunday with friends, using a Baby Go Cutter and lovely fabrics. This half hexie evolved. Simple piecing, only isdue and I am not fussed are two bricks sane tone small edge back to back. Reminds me of a butterfly, therefore can stay.

I wonder how long it will take me to sandwich, baste & machine quilt it. Watch this space….

Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose

Putting my foot down

Yesterday I made a foot pedal gizmo. Rubber backing, 2.5 in binding, quick easy and stops my machine foot scooting around. I am away at a sewing camp with friends, no lock down in my area, were making the most if our visit.

2nd item a suitable cover for my new Phyrnne Fisher compact, using Beautiful Japanese fabrics. Complete with lippy holder.

until next time

Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose