ScrapHappy March 2023

A merry March welcome to our 2 newest members Amo and Alissa. A mighty March organisers Kate & Gun. Contact them if interested in joining our happy scrappy band.

March has seen a lot of progress with my crumb quilting, Which abruptly came to a holt Sunday when my sewing machine (10 year old Brother NS10) stalled, jammed, gave up the gong and I fear is not worth the cost of repairing. During lockdown it behaved in a similar fashion, I dismantled, cleaned, an revived it. Alas no luck this time. It has served me well.

I have a back up a Singer, and most of my brother feet including walking foot. Fit her like a treat. So many more tiny seams have evolved. No final blocks to show. However 2 of my large boxes of scraps are now neat, sewn, ironed and neatened up into one smaller box.

To visit my blogging scrappers check their lunks below. Until next time

Happy Stitching 💚 Debbierose

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5 thoughts on “ScrapHappy March 2023

  1. I know the feeling, having to repair my sewing machine just the other week. Lucky for me it was repairable. Glad you have an extra machine to sew on!

  2. So sorry about your sewing machine. It lasted a long time, so I hope you can find something just as reliable when you replace it. That was a lot of organizing and condensing in the scrap bins.

  3. Ouch! I am feeling the pain of losing your faithful stitching Brother. It’s always a bit desperate when your machine gives up the ghost and you flail around and have to resort to the fallback. Still, it doesn’t seem to have stopped you for long!

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