Scrap Happy February 2023

The past month has beencaxtad more productive than ususal. Also centred around mindless stitching.

My first First scrappy project this month is a repair project. With random rain in summer the umbrella is getting a great workout. However this cherished piece a gift from the MOTH has a wooden handle. Which I heard go “crack” and spied the damage. Ok its approximately 10 years old, served me well and still has loads of life. Packing tape to the rescue. With this gorgeous print I call it my “Pari-sol” LOL

Now to the mindless time consuming scrap boxes. I set my ironing board at chair height and commenced. Watching TV, mindless ironing, then stitching, some trimming. It’s the scrap block time, or crumb quilting. A large tub to catch the mega chain piece.

Next, more clipping, ironing and stitching ax my crumb blocks grow.

Please visit my fellow bloggers. Check out their scrap creations.

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Until next time, Happy Stitching 😊 Debbierose


11 thoughts on “Scrap Happy February 2023

    1. I started a crazy patchwork years ago, its morphed into crumb free form, carefree. I purchased a 3 panel dressing screen frameyears ago, its still panel less. So thus will be bright, cheerful and so me. Crumb panels. And I did see a fabulous set of curtains in a craft room made of crumbs also.

  1. Hope the tape fix sticks! Our rain is usually accompanied by strong winds so I think more reinforcement would be needed here. Your scraps (crumbs?) are coming together nicely.

  2. Interesting umbrella. I have one, but I don’t go out much in the rain, so it doesn’t get a lot of use, other than rolling around on the floor of the car’s backseat. The scrappy blocks are looking interesting already. I never tried a catch basket.

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