Time for a Change

Well, where do I start. I missed posting last month. Far too busy with all the excitement and hustle of everyday life.

The MOTH celebrated his 65th, so we headed off to Ballarat, 1 hour from home. Spent time at the observatory for international night of the moon, and Kryal Castle, for their medieval festival of jousting and school holiday dragon show. Even had our pics taken dressed up and they photo-shopped dragons in. Here I am, resplendent in my Queenly attire trying not to laugh, and depict a regal stance.

Along the way, we scored some lovely buttery and crisp almond croissants. Bumped into a girl I worked with years ago and enjoyed the very brief sunshine we have had of late. Partially walked off the calories in the Botanical gardens before sundown.

We are experiencing an unusually damp Spring courtesy of La Nina, with floods reeking havoc across our states.

On top of it all, one of my colleagues retired. We both work part time Mon-Wed being our regular shifts. Her role was moved to FT as we had hours unallocated. I applied and now at my tender age, back full time and in a slightly different role. So, lots of brain synapses firing and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

On the crafting side. Well, it’s all Christmas related so unable to show until gifted, but rest assured its fine, time consuming, and love has gone into every tiny stitch.

That’s all for now folks.

Happy Stitching ☔ Debbierose


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