Happy New Year

A late-ish post for the New Year due to the demise of my laptop, and a few weeks vacation in Sunny Queensland. The MOTH and I visiting the kids, grandies (6) and foster grandies (6).

Lots of info coming in this post and many pictures. Finally, I have now made a quilt for all 6 of our grandies with the littlest aged 4 receiving his on this trip. A rather plain style as I liked the nautical fabric and could not bear to cut it. So it becomes a whole cloth, with brickwork back.

Enjoying a cold lager at the Bavarian Tavern in Rockhampton. Rocking my new bright festive specs.
Christmas fun at a local coffee spot in my home town
EPP Plane project. Sewn with bottomline thread and a milliners needle. All fabric from my stash. The red purchased about 20 years ago, I remember it came from spotlight and my mum chose it, as it has a hint of glitter. They are 1 inch pentagons, centre circle is 3 inches. I have stitcheries to complete at later date for the centres.
Travel project. Red work using COSMO 245 Christmas Red

Picked up our post today and a lovely ctoss stitch from Claire93 to brighten our day snd return.

Take care everyone and Happy 2022

❤ Debbierose

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