Blossom Bag

The MOTH – How many bags do you need?

Me – “seriously” with a quizzical look being my response. Followed by it didn’t cost me anything ……. it was all from my stash ^^

The MOTH – shakes his head and wanders off to his computer.

Does this conversation only occur in our home? LOL & ^^ Anyway this series of fabric button’s and matching handles finally evolved into my blossom bag. With a little help from a friend the design organically evolved.

Reminds me of a Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. Especially with the junk I tote around. Love the acrylic coated fabric handles & buttons.

Happy Stitching 💋 Debbierose

2 thoughts on “Blossom Bag

  1. love your Mary Poppins bag!!!
    I’m not a bag lady myself, as in the only bags I ever need are shopping/tote bags, but this one is a lovely shape and fabric is gorgeous!

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