With a click, click here …

  • The MOTH gave me a lovely DSLR camera about 18 months ago. I am still attempting to master the basics. Much to my dismay – dismally at times. I am not a techie type of person and blog pics are carried out using my smart phone, minimal cropping etc. Otherwise nothing would arrive to the blog if I took the time it takes to create the lovely pictures my DSLR is capable of (when I am driving it – LOL). There is a techie component, after the shot is nicely taken, and this I struggle with. The MOTH has a few “programs” to enhance photo’s and I am seeking your sage advice.
  • Do you use any specific editing software eg: photoshop etc that you find easy to use for this confirmed non tech head.
  • Now we are free to roam maskless in most areas, I caught up with a couple of gorgrous girlfriends at a local cafe chocolaterie. First time in a year I applied a full face of make-up.
Not too shabby for someone turning 58 in a few month’s

Hugs for now 💋 Debbierose

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