SAL #7 Stitching ABC – G is for …..

G is for Gingham.  This one took me back to my school days.  The blue/white gingham school pinafore and matching gingham ribbon tied at the base of my braids.  Incredible memories about as this project unfolds. I commenced the next box with the I then stopped – the big H in the centre is actually next – Ahhhhh, this section is huge.

Do pop over and visit the talented crafters in the Stitch-a-long, they write amazing blogs and keep everyone motivated.

Until next time

xx Debbierose

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36 thoughts on “SAL #7 Stitching ABC – G is for …..

  1. looking good! Did you wear your hair in little pigtails to school? I always had a short page boy style, so never any need for ribbons or hair clips lol

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