Hooks, needles & yarn #2

A month of productive crochet, and a tad of knitting.

2 yarn happy dances – yeah.  The first and largest is my crochet lacy scarf.  I did have a few reverse crochet moments to ensure I ended on the right spot of the chart.  I didn’t wish to waste the lovely Noro.

The next happy dance is a little knitted bonnet.  No pattern, except stitch numbers.  I really like moss stitch, lacy holes and had a rich red handy.  Silly me I forgot to get a picture with the red/white ribbon added.  Have already gifted to the recipient.  Hoping to obtain picture to complete the set.

I forgot to mention in the class I took with my cousin I also made this little tiny crochet basket.   Made great use of the lessons.  As you can see it is only tiny, to ensure I could knock it over on the same night.  Great fun and the perfect size to store some nail polish.

Until next month

xx Debbierose



7 thoughts on “Hooks, needles & yarn #2

  1. little did I know, when I read this, that I was the recipient of the cute little bonnet ^^
    Many thanks Debbie! It’s a perfect fit for Alice, and gives her a somwhat “Little Red Riding Hood” appearance lol.
    I’ll take a couple of photos tomorrow and send them to you, so you have a photo WITH ribbon.

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