Hooks, needles & yarn #1 In the beginning

I am setting myself up for a successful and productive year.  Once a month I will post my Yarn update.  I have a few projects on the go.  Crochet, knitting and need to tackle more yarn work on a regular basis to complete items.  Crochet being one of the many crafts I enjoy.   It had been several years since I spent serious hooking time.  After a pre-Christmas lunch with my cousins, one asked me a crochet question which I could not answer.  The recommendation/suggestion she/we attend a local crochet course – 4 x 2 hour sessions over 4 weeks.   We both attended the small group of 3 students and 1 instructions.

My main goal was to learn to correctly read a chart/pattern.  Expanding out of my comfort zone – the humble granny square into something a little fancier.  My MIL and I stumbled across a gorgeous scalloped scarf pattern years ago, and I even purchased the NORO to make it.   After several unsuccessful attempts with another yarn.  I gave up.  Stored the pattern and NORO away and swiftly forgot about it.  Until that fateful day at lunch.

On the first evening, I learnt to read and understand the pattern, whilst practicing on another yarn.  Then after a few more hours practicing at home.  I still did not have the courage to start on the NORO, I waited until the next lesson and under the guidance and support of my instructor this is my progress thus far, and I am very pleased.

Then stitch by stitch it is coming together.  especially a converted effort the day a few friends and I went to a Craft Cafe on the outskirts of Melbourne.   The perfect little shop smothered with year, kitsch retro furniture and “the best scones”.    20181027_114614 (1)

My nautilus shell scarf  has grown even further and almost half way.   Photo is not the best angle, perhaps I also need to add “work on my photographic skills” on the “to do list”


I will see you in a month – take care and I hope you too have had a productive month.

xx Debbierose


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