SAL #4 Stitching ABC – D is for …..

D is for Darling Debbierose Darning, Ha ha Darning is something I never do.  Once upon a time we mended socks, now they seem to get tossed. The only darning I do, which is rare would be on a hand knit or crochet piece to darn the ends in.   If you do partake in the ancitne art of darning?  DO you use a Darning Egg, I have seen a few in antique posts and find them very interesting.  At great way to not stab yourself during repairs.

Please hop on over and follow the wonerful SAL members, their blogs and posts will not disappoint.    Now if you pop over to my fellow SAL members, I know you wil not be dissappointed.


See you in 3 weeks xx Debbierose



15 thoughts on “SAL #4 Stitching ABC – D is for …..

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever darned anything! Another skill that has been lost, I do remember my grandmothers darning all sorts of clothing. Your ‘D’ is s lovely addition.

  2. Next year I will celebrate 50 years of marriage, and I am pleased to tell you I have never darned a sock in all that time. Before I got married I was always darning socks for my brother and father, my mum said I made a far better job of it that she did, though I now suspect that was a ruse to get me to do the job and save her the trouble lol. Oh and if the darning mushroom (a wooden mushroom shaped gadget) was not handy one of my dads round tobacco tins did the job just as well.

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