Sadly no progress at all for either of my SAL’s – many reasons.  The main on pre-occupied with a kitchen renovation, which will take a few more weeks.  However the bulk of heavy work completed by my brother with the MOTH’s assistance.  However you will be delighted with the progress by the other highly industrious members of the SAL.  The boys have nearly gutted the kitchen, ripped up the old lino, and the floor boards should polish up nicely.   Bench top sin and plaster dust everywhere.   Still need to have electrician, plasterer and painting completed.  Plus a new window.  Perhaps 4 more weeks of chaos but main section is moving along well.   Flat packs taken over the lounge, passage etc are almost all in their new homes.

Image may contain: indoor

Fingers crossed the next 3 weeks are more productive.

Happy Sttiching – Debbierose xx


15 thoughts on “SAL

  1. That’s a major undertaking! I would excuse you from stitching until it’s done without hesitation! (Except stitching might be a relaxing activity inbetween the stress of remodeling!)

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