Happy Anniversary

I have been absent lately with so much non-stitching activities.

The main event our 5th Wedding Anniversary.  Ok not long compared to some, but we’re still loved up & having fun.

When I met My MOTH, it was almost Love @ 1st sight.  Engaged 3 months later & married after 18 months from our 1st date.  As you get older time is precious & just wanted to live life together.   Being my 1st marriage & in my 40’s life changed quickly for the better.

Instantly I became wife, stepmum, Nana, daughter in law all in one moment.  Since then its been a roller coaster ride.  Together we have shared 4 overseas trips, 4 trips to Qld including a 5 week road trip all the way from Geelong to Bowen on the Whitsunday.  Both undertaken 2 years of assorted studies.  My Moth survived 3 serious illnesses.  I injured my knee twice & suffered sciatica for several month’s after the road trip (Claire I hope you repair as quickly as I did).   We were parents of the Groom twice & greeted 4 additional grandies bringing the brood to 7.

On top of this there have been many trips to the movies & live theatre.  So to celebrate we headed to the big smoke Melbourne.  Starting with lunch at Hopeton Tearooms.  A spot of shopping at The Block Arcade, strolled hand in hand through the Carlton Gardens, visited Imax Theater to see special extended 3D Avatar version.  Stayed the night, then off to Chinatown for a stroll, lunch at The Hofbrauhaus, then to the stage show Kinky Boots.  A full few days.

Valentines day was lovely with the MOTH giving me e Puppy.  Well a toy one, as I have hinted at a puppy for a while, but really don’t have time to care of one with my hectic schedule.  I barely have time ot care for the MOTH of late – poor dear, and our herbs are surviving so that is in our favour.

Adding to my blog absence has been an extension in my work hours from 6-7 day fortnight to 9 day fortnight, which will be ongoing until mid April.  Participating in several out of hours Kikki K Workshops (my Christmas pressie from the MOTH).  Club officer training & additional speech preparations for Toastmasters. Naturally we do get the occasional moment of time together and the MOTH and I headed out for coffee & nibbles to an eclectic  The Door Cafe

Well I have a lot of blog reading & posting to catch up on.  See you soon.

❤ Debbierose xxxx



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