Finally …..

Yeah, I can finally show some secret sewing.  My Tuesday stitching buddies decided to do a block sw for Christmas.  After settling on  12 inch finish.  Block negotiations began, verdict select a colourway only.  Then we each create a secret block for each colourway. Therefore in the end you have 5 blocks in your colourway.


Here are each of the girls choices.  L chose Blue & White, W chose predominantly Yellow, N chose Red & White, T chose predominantly Green and I chose Yello & Grey.

Here are my 5 blocks in different colourways.






All the blocks need another good pressing to straighten themout a little.  Tonight we swapped, with a few going back for finishing, its been a big year for everyone, so were cool about.

Check out the variety.  L made cardtrick.  W the bento boxes, T the checkerboard which is going back to attach coffee mugs symbolic of our group & N the windmill.  W akso handed hers out inside gingerbread men boxes with matching ribbons to identify our blocks.



T made her block larger adding a border in case we were bordering them 😁

So these blocks have been burning a hole in my drafts list, waiting to be revealed.  Tonight the swap reveals my bounty.  I’m planning on making the “five friends table  runner”

Happy stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


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