Brain Drain time

I’ve been stitching just the border of late.  Nothing too mentally stimulating, but more than my little brain can cope with at his point in time.  I know I  have a lot on plus working extra hours.  However when something I planned for ages didn’t eventuate, I felt let down.  Why is it so easy for others to let us down.  To me it’s as if they don’t care.  Which is disheartening.  Perhaps I need to care less.  That way I wont feel as I do.

Ok my emotional rant is over.  A little more border stitching only.  As my secret Christmas Stitching cannot be revealed just yet.


Until next time,

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


9 thoughts on “Brain Drain time

  1. I ‘hear’ in your words what many times circulates in my thoughts…….Why? Don’t have those expectations then it won’t hurt so much!…..but it’s who we are and we DO care and must continue to do so. The world needs us!!! Those who step out and ‘care’ in spite of the hurt and, because of it, can see into the hearts of others and feel their pain!!!!!! We are comforted so that we may go forth to comfort others (words of SomeOne much wiser than myself!). Sending hugs…………………….

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