Tis the pre-season…

Tis the pre-season… to eat out too often.  With so many Christmas functions , Birthdays etc at this time of year.  The MOTH & I  have been dining ourselves in all manner of cuisines.  Here are just a few of the tasty morsels of late.

Spinach, pumpkin, quinoa salad with Persian Feta

Eye fillet, mash & vegetables

Salmon with asparagus cream sauce, parmesan rice & tomato bombs

Raw Pad Thai salad with prawns & black sesame

Chicken & Prawn dumplings with gorgeous lime & chilli sauce

Chinese five spice roast duck, cucumber & goji berry salad


Chocolate tart, with orange jelly, chocolate mouse.

Naturally my waist line is suffering, so its time to dance.  Ballroom style, I  dug out my aging dance shoes.  Back to beginners class, fortnightly due to other commitments.  Amazing how much I forgot & remembered after 10 years on side lines.  Knees are surviving just sore.

Ciao for now


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