Love, Hate, Revenge and Haute Couture, The Dressmaker Exhibition at Rippon Lea

Isn’t that an eye catching title, perfectly depicts this stunning Movie & book.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday one of my dear friends “N” & I headed to Melbourne to Rippon Lea to see the Dressmaker Costume Exhibition.  Now the words Stunning, breath taking, inspiring, gorgeous, attention to detail, fashion at its best, all come to mind.


Now the Dressmaker was a novel, made into a movie and filmed in my home state, with a section of the scenic backdrop filmed only 30 minutes from Geelong.   Starring Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth

The You Yangs, on the outskirts of my home town

Dressmaker you tube link.   I loved the movie, still to read the book, but as you know I’m dreadfully slow reader.  Anyway it was an amazing exhibit.  Some fun facts, there were 4000 hats on the movie, and I did drool over the Millinery Room.  Hat box city, feathers, beads, cloche after cloche aahhhh divine


Then the costumes, the Red Dress a favourite of all, and divine. The boys in backdrop were pictured playing our local football game.


Before the exhibit, while the queue slowed down & weather held out we strolled some of the 14 acre grounds.  Again stunning, heritage listed and opulent.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I  highly recommend it.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx



7 thoughts on “Love, Hate, Revenge and Haute Couture, The Dressmaker Exhibition at Rippon Lea

  1. Read the book and loved it, bought the movie but haven’t watched it yet! I think after your post I’m going to have to make time to do that. Wish exhibitions like that would make it up to North Qld, but somehow they usually get stuck at Brisbane…

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