Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

A few months ago I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I participated in the Humorous Speech Contest at my local Toastmasters Club. Yes a little secret I’d been hiding.  I joined the City of Greater Geelong Toastmasters Club just over a year ago.  Now I  have been a little slack progressing through the self paced work books.  Speech number one went ok, full of nerves and trying to inject humour into my first topic, Me!  It was titled Open Doors and centered round the movement of my career and the doors that open and close for you with opportunity, or the fact that some doors you deliberately close for fear.   Not too bad an experience overall and I was given some brilliant evaluation / critique which is part of the overall learning process.  Yes we get to evaluate each other and learn from it.

Anyway 3 members entered the contest  (originally 5, but 2 were sick), & I came 2nd.  Naturally I thought my inexperience would leave me last.  My speech was a funny chat about my holiday exploits & a little gleaned stories.

This moment prompted me in a more serious role within the club as SAA Sgt at Arms, expanding on my leadership skills.  So naturally I put my handup for Co-Contest Chair, & Organiser for our next speech contest series.   No mean feat, especially when you are unwell for a good part of the tine.  Luckily  I had already researched my role, downloaded & printed necessary forms.  The night went smoothly.

Afterward, my self evaluation of the night, was positive.  Very proud of how I presented, it was my first time in this type of role.  Challenging myself – that’s the purpose & I  Aced it, not to toot my own horn too loudly of course.  Anyone who truly knows me, would be shocked, no dumbfounded by my lack of modesty.  Yes I  would usually find all the faults, every negative.  Not anymore, its a new, positive Debbierose 😁

Were to from here, being on cloud nine still.  My 3rd speech.  Titled “Fifteen Hundred”!  All about Melanoma awareness & the ABCDE Self check method.  Guess what?   All 3 speeches coincidentally ran to a cancer theme.  Awesome competition.  3 brilliant speeches  (yes even mine) by 3 amazing people.   I was totally stunned to place 1sr.  My 1st in anything, ever since grade 1 sports.  Yeah, me!

That’s enough Self Praise – the real world is calling, as well as a liberal dose of overdue modesty  😁

Until next time

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


14 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

  1. Yay, You!!!! Public speaking of any genre is/can be stressful but the more humorous type (will it be perceived as humorous???) and very personal/transparent variety may be even more daunting. Your “success” is to be celebrated and I do ……… sending kudos and uber hugs……………………..

  2. This just goes to show the importance of the phrase “never assume….”. Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to confidence or even willingness to give something new a go. Congratulations on identifying and exercising a new skill!

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