2 x Happy Dances

I had a lovely weekend (Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon) stitching with friends at the local brownie camp.  The weekend started wet, my bag broke, items rolling out. After settling in, I started to tie my quilt.  Then machined the binding fully.  So by Saturday afternoon Voila my Storm at Sea was finished.  Everybody dance now, da da da da, with label courtesy of a friend, as I forgot to bring mine.


I wanted to see how it looked like on my camp bed/bunk & it was a chilly night.  The bulk of the quiit is against the wall tucked under my sleeping bag.  It was super snuggly.  Especially when the temperature dropped overnight.  Below is it being tied, with Minky backing during binding.  Then afterward at home, held up by my MOTH who’s are were not long enough to hold it out fully.  Measuring 67 x 78 inches.


Then onto a new project.  Pre-printed Christmas Advent Calendar.  Quick, fun & practiced my FMQ,  size 20 x 22 inches


Next is to be revealed in the 3 week SAL  😄 Just because this girl likes to keep secrets.

One of the ladies handed out cute gift bags for our weekend.


Until next time

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx



7 thoughts on “2 x Happy Dances

  1. congratulations to the 2 finishes.. Love the quilts. 😉 and that Christmas Calendar looks awesome too.. will that be a quilting or stitching project. Silly me, can’t make it out from the photo.

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