Celebration, baking & a fall

We celebrated st a local Italian Bistro this week.  My MOTH completed successfully his Double Diploma of Tourism, Travel & Events.    Check out this gorgeous seared scallops in lemon butter.  Perfect celebration meal.


Yesterday on my way out of the car park I slipped, swooshed to the ground.  Shocked, stunned & scarred.  Yes it does hurt, & bruises still coming out.   I’m determined it’s not slowing down my Storm at Sea this weekend.  I’ll pack plenty of pain killers.


A new recipe.  I was googling recipes to use up some cream & yogurt.  Here are an American Fruit Biscuit, which we call Scones here in Oz.


Baked in a piece not separated just scored.  Turned out quite nice, if I  do say so.  They must be tasty, the MOTH gobbled up a few for supper.


I’ll be back after the weekend, with my Storm at Sea progress.

Until next week.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


4 thoughts on “Celebration, baking & a fall

  1. Owie! Once you’re past the age of 12, a fall is always a shock and leaves you sore. I hope your sewing retreat is gentle enough to spare your grazes and bruises. The scones look divine, what a shame I can’t eat stuff like that…

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