ScrapHappy 15th October

Yahoo made entirely with scraps from these 2 itty bitty bins, & sewn with left over bobbin bits.


A foundation piece courthouse steps 2 inch square pincushion.  Ok its a bit wonky where I stitched it closed, also stuffed with cut off scraps & useless wadding scrap.


Now, ignore the lint, I carry a small hand work kit, so my pincushion fits nicely.  It has a magnet to hold my scissors.  Yes it is a recycled sun glasses case, one of those mega tough ones.


All set for my Save the stitches project SAL, the next dozen or so diapers anyway.

Here are the links for everyone who joinsTracy ScrapHappy from time to time, they may not post every time, but tCathyheir blogs are still worth looking at.

These usually have a scrappy post:   Kate  Gun  Titti   Helene  susan   Nanette  Norma  Birthe  Turid  Jodie   Eva  Sue  Lyn   Lynda   Jill  Clair

I hope to see you again, 15th of next month!

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose




10 thoughts on “ScrapHappy 15th October

  1. it’s a cute little pincushion! I have never thought to use my bobbin bits – do you use them in the bobbin only, or also put them on the spool holder to use for the top of the stitch?

  2. Great pincushion. I have an eyeglass case one, too, but the pincushion was built in by the friend who made it. It isn’t as large as yours, I don’t think, but aren’t they the handiest things? Yours looks great!

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