SAL 3 week update 25 September

What!  I’m back! Been in hiding! Won Lotto!  In witness protection!  😂😂 practicing my facial moves, so I look surprised when declared Mrs Oz & accept my Tiara !

No, nothing remotely as exciting.  After my holiday, I had a week with a virus.   Then 2 weeks full time work, plus attendance at a seminar by  Harbugs titled “The Power of the Unspoken”.   An amazing  presentation which has enabled me to look stunned, humbled even when presented that tiara.   Then more work, plenty of freezer restocking, and another week off with a mix of sinusitis & conjunctivitis, laryngitis caused by cough from sinusitis.  So its been a lean stitching few weeks.  I was so sick I even forgot about my scrap happy update.  Oh well, double trouble next month.

Ok, now to the SAL, before & after. Slow n steady.  Christmas is approaching, so I better get stuck a wiggle on 🎄

After, nearly finished

Please visit the other amazing ladies in the SAL,  we have different tine zones.  So updates will vary a little.  But do check out their progress I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Avis at

Claire at

Gun at

Carole at

Wendy at

LucyAnn at

Jess at

Sue at

Constanze at

Christina at

Kate at

Susan at

Kathy at

Until the next 3 weeks are up – Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose



16 thoughts on “SAL 3 week update 25 September

  1. Lots of stitchy goodness AND a funny post! Not that I think what you’ve been going through sounds at all funny, quite the reverse, but you’ve managed to make a miserable time sound entertaining 🙂

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