Back on dry land

Bulla, Bon Jour & welcome, these are just a few of the hello/welcomes the MOTH & I experienced whilst on our recent trip to Fiji & New Calaodnia.  Yes we have been away on a 14 night Tropical Island cruise.  Now that we are back on dry land and stable internet coverage I can tell you about our adventure. 3 & half weeks went super fast.


We started in QLD for our youngest wedding.  Which was a beautiful family affair.

Our 3 grandies received their quilts & lessons in quilt fort making, ensuring they know these sturdy quilts are designed to be loved, used and abused 😂😂


Then to Sydney to board the Pacific Jewel.  Lots of fun, dress up time, shows & tours.  Highlights were boating in the SUVA rain and witnessing the micro waterfalls, totally stunning.  Swimming in the pristine warm water of The Isle of Pines.


Speed boating.  Cultural lessons from the talented, delightful, humble people of Vanuatu, we now know how to catch fish using spider webs.  Preserve bananas for years, open and oeel coconuts with our teeth, how to survive a cyclone in a banyan tree & so on.  My MOTH was a little worried I might try to smuggle a cute local bambino home to nurture.  I  did suggest we could adopt, but alas as we are mid-late 50’s that’s a definite rejection.  Oh well in another lifetime perhaps.


We also had a few on board happy snaps taken at dress up night.  Gatsby theme, my wig kept falling off and I didn’t use my headband as I had a rotten hayfever headache.  But we still had fun dancing etc


We spent a few extra days in Sydney catching up with family, visiting Chinese Garden of Friendship, Casino, just strolling the streets.  Now the MOTH & I are recovering from head colds.  So time to catch up on my blogging & everything you have been up to 😊


Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx








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