SAL 3 week update 14 august

By the time you get this post I scheduled 2 days ago, I will be in international waters with limited  internet.  Yes the MOTH & I are on a cruise.  So I  shall fill you in all the adventure on our return in a few weeks time.

Time does fly & here is my progress.  The outling really makes the world of difference.  Here are the before & current uodate.  I’m happy this stocking is growing nicely.  Before & after 🎅

Ladies currently in the SAL and links are as follows: check there amazing progress.  Apologies  if I have botched the list, and I shall make amends on my return.

AvisClaireKateCaroleGunWendySueJessConstanzeLucyannChristina , KathySusan

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx





16 thoughts on “SAL 3 week update 14 august

  1. The backstitch is making a huge difference to this. I hate doing it but it’s always worth the effort.
    Hope you’re having a fabulous time on your cruise. Looking forward to reading all about it 🙂

  2. Debbie, a cruise, that sounds like an adventure for sure…does it include a take along project?!?!? It seems I usually put off outlining, because it seems boring, and then once I start, I get so excited that I can hardly put the piece down…moderation might be a good goal for me!

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