Relaxing in Rocky with a chicken foot 😀 Holiday Fun !

Warning  – graffic scary photos included 😯

Ok, its official. The MOTH & I are off on holiday.  Started a little off, a few days prior as I thought had a splinter in my foot so off to the podiatrist as couldn’t get it out.

Turned out to be more than that,  and deeper, didn’t need stitches but this resulted 5 days ago.  Bandage has to stay dry hence the glamorous blue chicken foot.

To make myself pretty during all this an avocado mud mask is in order.  Relaxing in Rocky with a chicken foot and mud mask. 😂😂😂


Were off to our sons wedding tonight. So its MOG time (mother of the groom).  Or is it SMOG (step mother of groom)

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

8 thoughts on “Relaxing in Rocky with a chicken foot 😀 Holiday Fun !

  1. I must remember this trick! I hope you are much better by now. ~ L

    PS: My little sis stepped on a sewing needle and it broke off in her foot when I tried to pull it out. No one would believe us that it had happened until they did an xray at hospital… her screams were just awful! I do not envy you the surgery to get it out.

    1. We’re back, exhausted. Not as tired as the gorgeous bride & groom. All went well, few minor issues. Kidlets all wonderfully behaved, will pen a huge email to you with gorgeous pics

  2. Love the chicken foot! Wish I’d thought of a surgical glove when I had both my toe surgeries –it’s no fun dangling one foot out of the shower… And you’re in Rocky! Just down the road from us, as Queensland distances go. Sending you a wave from Mackay :-). Enjoy the wedding.

    1. Only a few hours. If I ever pass through Mackay I will look you up. I’ve chicken footed it a few times over the years. Wonderful invention, and the kids get a good laugh too

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