How often do you?…..

No pictures, just words.   Question time?

How often do you change your sewing machine needle?

Obviously it depends on fabric, however I try to change mine for regularly machining approximately 6 hours of use.

Its all the FMQ & quilting I am doing of late that has me pondering this issue.   Would an hour of quilting be too often, after all its a lot of extra work on the needle.

On the Schmetz website, they say anywhere between one minute and a month.  Yes I  have had instant needle breakage with new one too.  Ultimately they recommend checking sharpness every hour.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this common sewing issue.

Until next time

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose



7 thoughts on “How often do you?…..

  1. Like Kate, I listen for that sound. I have started sharpening my needles periodically, using the strawberry attached to my tomato pin cushion, and it takes away the sound Kate describes, giving me another several hours of use.

      1. Debbie, there used to be one attached to every tomato. I don’t know exactly what is in it, but it is very “crunchy” sounding at it sharpens pins and needles. I don’t know why, but always thought it was emory, but I’m not exactly sure what that means!

  2. I change the needle for every new quilt. I also find a top stitch needle is best for quilting with 40 weight quilting thread because it has a larger eye for the heavier thread to pass through comfortably.

  3. I change my needle when I hear the sound changing… I use a fair amount of white on white or white on cream prints where the printing ink is very dense, and the sound of the needle piercing the printing is quite distinctive (a sort of ‘pock’ noise). When that changes, and the perforation holes get larger, I know it’s time to change. Also, the straightness of the stitching line changes for the worse when the needle gets blunter.
    Leah Day from the Free Motion Quilting Project changes hers every 2 or 3 months, and she uses Schmetz needles. She does far more FMQ than the average person, so I’m inclined to go with her ideas.

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