SAL update 😃 24 july

I’ve been zooming along with my little Christmas Stocking.  Back-stitching as I go, as it is a most unliked task.  I like a sense of achievement as I see little sections.  So here is where I left off 3 weeks ago & now, little gifts emerging.

I do so love Christmas 🎅

Ladies currently in the SAL and links are as follows:  do pop over and see there besutiful stitching.

Avis  , Claire,  Kate,  Carole,  Gun,  Wendy,  Sue,  Jess,  Constanze,   Christina,   Lucyan & a warm welcome to Kathy & Susan

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


22 thoughts on “SAL update 😃 24 july

  1. Wow how that backstitch gives so much depth and makes the colors pop. Great progress! I’m a beginner stitcher so I’m not sure how I feel about backstitching. So far I’ve only done it once in my cactus project and it wasn’t so bad 😁

  2. I LUV backstitch………for the same reason I always used the black crayon (in my coloring-book days—-which have returned!!—-)to outline the colored areas. I felt/feel that it adds so much definition to the figures/items and make for a more “finished” appearance (IMHO….only!!!). It’s totally refreshing to see stitcheries that bring to mind cooler temps…..LOL!!!!! Lovely project!!!!!

  3. I’m not a fan of backstitch either. I’d much rather do it as I go along than have a lot to do at the end.
    Your stocking is coming on a treat and is looking very christmassy 🙂

  4. Backstitching is a pain 🙂 Love your Christmas stocking Debbierose. By the way, I am a new member of the SAL group too. I think you left me off your list?

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