Alphabet Soup

Ok, I had a FMQ mishap.  Outlining the kids names went ok, then tried micro pebbles, as filler stitch – SERIOUSLY BAD MISTAKE! !! Oh well as the stitching is so tiny, thought it would improve – WRONG AGAIN !!  frogging too difficult.  Also I have loads of doll fabric.  So it is now a recycled panel as 3D letters.

My MOTH helped, by printing Tahoma (font) on size 400. I then selected a bright colour to compliment quilt and triple stitched my little heart out.  Now yes I could have ruled/drawn lines.  This was my method of choice.


Then the relaxing stripping of the paper & trimming.  I  have the best pair of fiskar snipers with easy soft touch grip.   Make snipping thick items a dream.  Like shaggy quilts.  The snazzy plaid was a new PJ set in that great haul of goodies recently.  Cosy & warm when I stitch in my PJs.

Next dilemma which backdrop for the letter.  I’m  going blue/pink/button fabric with daisy quilting.  Believe it or not, both names are in the same font size, however I  feel Danielle looks bigger, its obviously an optical illusion.  They now need to be stitched onto the background.

Optical Illusion

Anyways time for a cross stitch interlude. Until next time 😊

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose xx


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