FMQ Jigsaw

The first of 10 sections over 2 quilts.

Each will  have 5 QAYG oblong panels with  different FMQ designs. The jigsaw was so much fun & easy.  I’m getting addicted to FMQ


Only issue I had was mislaid my quilting gloves, which I have now found after completing 1st panel.  Also need to watch my posture and loosen up a little, so stiff neck doesn’t occur sgsin 😀

I am planning on different FMQ designs for each panrl, give the girls different things to focus on 😄

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose

5 thoughts on “FMQ Jigsaw

  1. Seating position is so “key”! Generally, I’ve found that most chairs are not high enough. Your elbows, when resting on the table surface, should be at approximately a 90 degree angle (which will help to keep your shoulders down!). Take a break every 15 min, or so, and sit back, roll you shoulders and lift your eyes/refocus. It really helps! I can’t stress enough how crucial chair height is to fmq comfort. Lookin’ good, Girl!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Doreen, I have been taking breaks, and getting posture sorted. Height is an issue as my table is a little high, but one day I will get another proper sewing table.

      1. Is there any way to, say, sit on a pillow?? The other issue, then, becomes raising your power pedal so your knees are at a 90 degree angle, also!!! It really does take a toll on your body if your shoulders are at your ears!!! *I know!!!!!

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