Mudderella 1

What have I gotten myself into now?

Mudderella, a muddy fitness course fun run.  Ok it’s not until December, so training has started.  I’m not a motivated fitness person.  So commitment to a specific challenge works best for me. Hopefully from this I can develop a greater level of commitment to my own health & well being.

Bring it on. Approx 26 weeks of training.  Bonus should be a fitter, leaner Me!  1 say approx 26, because week 1 was actually 10 days, due to sign up & organising myself ☺  so far our little team has 2 members

Obviously I’m not very fit, so will be mofifying the training to suit my fitness level.  But check out level 1 should have consisted of:


I have given week 1 a good go considering my lack of fitness.  Even had a go at fit ball squats, ouch!  & my elbows hurt from attempting the planks ^^

Wish me luck

BTW at the MOTHs last dietary check up, I weighed in 9.8 kg less in total.  Not too shabby for 13 months.  Slow & steady is best.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose




2 thoughts on “Mudderella 1

    1. Its an 8-11 km course, with obstacles. Google Mudderella they are still setting the course. Not sure about a couple of the obstacles, one involves piggy backing your team matr. But I believe you can just wslk some of it, as it is fun as well more serious athletes

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