Live ‘n’ Loopy

At some stage you have to “go” live.  No amount of practice will evet get you over FMQ on the original quilt.  Today was my Kryptonite! Live loops on my grandsons quilt.  After adding the borders to the charm squares I stitched together ages ago.  I  carefully  pin basted.  Then took a few deep breaths as I donned my quilting gloves.  Then went live …..

Ok there a little rough n ready, but improved as I went along.  Now my MOTH is my design wall proudly showing the front before I started to sandwich the quilt.


As I mentioned this  quilt is for one of our grandson W.  He is definitely a mans man.  Last christmas he was 16 months and mastered the trigger on a giant nerf cannon.  Yep dead shot right between my eyes he got me with that little foam dart.  Laughed so hard our sides hurt.  So a sporting, pirate quilt was in order.


And a closer peek at the border, I do like the bricks.

Well I must keep quilting, as I want to get some binding done.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose


4 thoughts on “Live ‘n’ Loopy

  1. For me, each quilt begins with that “ice breaker” moment. That “first brush stroke on canvas” that must be “the” beginning!!!! Sometimes it’s easier than others but that first stitch………well,it truly does get easier and better!!!! LOL!!!!!!

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