Seriously …

Seriously, I am so unfit.  Today I huffed & puffed a mere 9-10km distance as I cycled round our local river track.  There were a few little hills, so I was tutored in the correct use of my gears.  The first hilly bit I stopped half way, as I panicked, when I  noticed people were coming downhill towards us, as I  couldn’t move fast rnough to the extreme left.  No injuries,  stayed upright 😁 just came to a grinding halt.  I  posdinly resembled a scared deer caught in headlights ^^

The red rocket, eagerly waiting for my friends to arrive.  I  even borrowed the MOTH’S cat & lifted bike in/out as I was too lazy to hitch the bike carrier

Fortunately, I am blessed with wonderful supportive friends.  One chappie I met today, a friend of a friend kindly sharing his passion for cycling, his knowledge & ensuring my tires were correctly inflated.

Beautiful area, sealed bike tracks, 22c today, usually around 10c this time if year – ?? global wariming – just enjoy

Cyclists are a lot like quilters, crafters.  Willing to share their journey, encouraging newbies, and of course a coffee at the local to celebrate a ride.

Happy Stitching ❤ Debbierose


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