Excellent service

Wow, I  am impressed.  It has taken under a month for my replacement threads to arrive.  Don’t they look lovely.  Pity I’m not up to stitching yet.


I have the flu and no inerest in anything except my warm cup of honey & lemon tea.  Luckily my MOTH  is a first class care.  I’ve never had the proper flu uhtil now.  I hope you don’t ever get it, its dreadful.  Previous coughs, colds, bronchitis and even pneumonia seemed a breeze.

I am moving at a glacial pace, my MOTH joked I would cone last in a race at the retirement home, easily defeated by octogenarians on Zimmer frames 😄  Gotta keep laughing

So we are having a Marvel-ous time, watching Ironman, Thor, Shield etc etc, between micro naps.

That’s it for now.

Xx  Debbierose


3 thoughts on “Excellent service

  1. Do take care….that is serious stuff. I had influenza just once (back in the ’80s, before it was “popular”) and wished/thought I had died and looked like it after 2 weeks…..finally got to a doc (before there was actually a med for it!!!). Nothing to fool with!!!! Hugs……

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