Meet Miss Daisy

For some time  now (over 2 years) I have been tossing up purchasing a dress form.  Mainly as I want to get back into making my own clothes.  I’m sick of being a store bought clone 😄

After  a lot of research & thought I ordered a Jamone Adjustable Dress Form.

I am pleased to introduce you to Miss Daisy.  Named after my favourite flower.  Now to put her to good use.  A cuddly girl like myself.  With 13 adjustment points.


Now as I have been picking up a lot more shifts, time has been limited lately.  Plus I  strained my wrist from too many hours of manual filing.  Which exacerbated an old knitting injury.  Crafting is progressing slowly.  However I am culling the craft cave and making it more practical.  Also providing room for my Miss Daisy.

Until next time – Happy Stitching

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