Trying a new recipe

Another passion I have is cooking. Although not good for the waistline. Often I had heard of a cauliflower pizza base, but they were full of cheese.  Then I came across one without cheese.

it’s really yummy.  Start off by blitzing asmall cauliflower.  Microwave 5-6 min.  Drain on a clean tea towel.  When cool squeeze out excess water.  Add 100g almond meal.  Mix herbs.  Stir yogether.  Then whisk 2 eggs mix well.  Press onto parchment paper, shape & bake at 200C for 12-14 min or until edges brown.  Add toping and re-bake until  topping cooked.  Yes its gluten free also, but were not GF in our home.   Hope you enjoy



One thought on “Trying a new recipe

  1. ooooh I’ll have to try!
    I am supposed to be on as low gluten as possible (that is partly responsible for my hives attacks) and this will be perfect to try for home-made pizza.

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