Fires, Floods and Windows …

Before the MOTH and I went on our holiday to NZ there were incredible storms here in Geelong.  Flooding to be exact which we luckily avoided damage – or so we thought.  There was no damage when we flew out – but on our return the damage had seeped thorough and affected the roof in the back porch.  As we were away there was no air circulating so then with the heat and warmth which followed a lovely mould had grown.  Now  the insurance assessor has had a look and paid us a minimal amount. They are very busy and there was a lot of damage in some areas – our neighbour lost several tiles off her roof and needed the SES state emergency service in middle of the night. The mould has been removed, now for repairs.


Here are a few shots of the level of water my little town endured just over a week ago.  Also a side by side pic of 1 month difference in Geelong – massive bushfires then floods – totally bizarre weather we are having of late.


The day after we returned from NZ my Moth, BB and SIL ripped out our front window and replaced it with a new double glazed, wind out window.  We have had it in the garage for some time, when delivered we still needed to stain the cedar – which the MOTH and I did over the winter.  Then there were a few delays with the boys having little surgeries on their hands – amazing how both had the same trigger nerve impingement – with BB’s being a lot more severe than the MOTH.  Now time is getting away and Christmas has come and gone – so the boys took a spare day to install – before the next round of medical inconveniences take place.  The joys of aging.


Anyway we still need to finished off  a few things- as we were unsure of the exact detail due to the installation.  One interesting item was when the old window came out, there was a metal lining, which was not expected and caused the need for a little trimming to ensure it fitted correctly.  Once the finishes take place – we can touch up the pain work, and add the new curtains.

Exciting – ciao for now – Debbierose



One thought on “Fires, Floods and Windows …

  1. “Life” certainly can become a tad complex at times. Glad you were able to get rid of that mould problem!!!!! That’s ugly stuff! The new windows look awesome!!!!!!

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