Claire93’s Cattitudes for Diana

Recently¬†Claire¬†took us on a trip down some of her 2004’s craft memory lane. ¬† ¬†One of the items was a cushion stitched for her dear friend Diana who is now a star in heaven. ¬† To cut a long story short, my MOTH was Dianas husband. ¬†Several years after Dianas passing away, he moved to Melbourne from QLD and we meet, fell in love, and I was lucky enough to make a long distance friend in Claire, as well as becoming ¬†step mum and instant Nana.

I have been very fortunate for Claires friendship, logic, honesty and craft wisdom.  Also Claire introduced me to blogging.

Now the MOTH still has the Cattitudes so he cheekily agreed to be photographed with his prized cushion.  Two conditions of photo was it had to conceal his recent very large surgery scar, and also show his cheeky personality.



4 thoughts on “Claire93’s Cattitudes for Diana

  1. lol gosh that cushion looks as good as when I stitched it! Wouldn’t believe it’s been in service for over 10 years ^^
    I’ve got the “We’re not older’ bag here which Mike very kindly sent me.

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