Vacation is over :-(

Yes Vacation time –  has come and gone and is Over  😣 yes the MOTH and & I have made a little trip across the “ditch” to Wellington New Zealand.  Just a brief jaunt 1 week to be exact.

The trip was primarily a holiday and also to visit family.

We had a lot of fun, did a lot of walking, it is very hilly area.  Had an amazing time getting our geek fix.  We did a day tour of the Wellington film sites, WETA Cave, studio, prosthetics and digital departments.  Awesome, awesome – more awesome.  It gave us a huge insight into the workings of the movies and the detail they go into – did I tell you it was awesome – ha ha


The crew from WETA also created the Gallipoli exhibit at the Te Papa Museum, which also had a Dream Works exhibit – so we very lucky with the timing of our visit to windy Wellington.


We picked up a few things – while scrounging in an antique store I came across some Apostle spoons to add to my collection, naturally I got a LOTR necklace Lady Loriens Even Stone (cheap copy as they do have real silver and zirconia for $300+), New Zealand Breakfast Tea, chick read book called the naughty girls book club by Sophie Hart – just a little light reading for when I finish Book 1 of Game of Thrones.


Visiting the relatives was a 2 hour (2 bus transfer trip), we decided not to get a hire car transport is relatively cheap compared to car hire – and petrol is $2 litre.  Also as we were in the heart of town we walked nearly everywhere.  Exceptions were up Mount Victoria to the Carter Observatory as we wanted to take the Funicular Cable car for fun.

All in all a wonderful trip.  Now back to the real world.

There real world also included an online purchase.  The MOTH & I saw the most Nautical Quilt for a bargain price.  Now I hear your cringing – what you could make it youself.  But anyone who knows the Wallace Cotton Co. The quality of fabric, 100% cotton including batting, bindings.  The sashing is a lovely thick cotton twill bias So for $100 including postage from NZ it was a bargain.  BTW its King Size.


No motivation for stitching.  However some studies and speech preparing taking place.  Did I mention I joined Toastmasters last year.

Well Gotta run, my MOTH is recovering from a recent surgery so meal time is calling.

Love Debbierose





4 thoughts on “Vacation is over :-(

  1. sounds like you had a very full week and the quilt is gorgeous (so what, if you could have made it yourself lol). Virtual hugs to you and the MOTH.

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