Valentines Surprise

My MOTH & I don’t really do valentine’s.  The occassional card, & definately NO flowers.  A few years ago we decided everyday is special.   Spending the day together, holding hands, appreciating the little things. Also it’s close to our anniversary which was 4th Feb. We didn’t celebrate this year formally as we arrived home in Oz on the 6am flight from NZ.

On our wsy through duty free at the airport we purchased a share gift.  A bottle of Calvin Klein C2K a his n hers scent. Also we recently added to our Willow Tree set.  


However today my MOTH, made me cry, tears of surprise, happiness as a secret shared valentine’s anniversary gift was hiding next to the laundry hamper, yes I was preparing to do laundry on Valentines Day. This gorgrous Willow Tree piece titled “Anniversary”

I truly am blest.  Not just my MOTH, my Love & Best Friend


This Pic was taken 2 days ago at my nieces 30th Birthday.  Love n Happiness everyday – it’s our motto


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