Spending our Christmas Vouchers

The MOTH & I were given some vouchers for Christmas.  We finally got around to spending them recently.  The vouchers were from our Son, his gorgeous new partner and 3 of our grandies.  Now the MOTH & I are not really voucher people, and have difficulty deciding what to spend them on that is memorable.  Unless its a voucher gor a hardware store as we are renovating and csn always yse hardware store items.   So when we located these Willow Tree pieces on sale at MYER  we jumped at opportunity to add to our collection.  Wgat makes these pieces more memorable and special – the gift givers also collect and adore Willow Tree.  A win win all round.


Now there was also a few $$ left over so a much needed garlic press was added to our kitchen gadget stash 😁 FB_IMG_1453112636193

Now to use our other vouchers 😁

Do you like vouchers or prefer an actual gift.  We know these were practical as we were also out of town for Christmas and everyone was considerate of us not lugging back breakables 😊

That’s it for now, until next time

Hugs Debbierose xxxx

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