Happy New Year Tradition

Happy New Year Everyone.

I do hope you all have a happy, healthy, wonderful and craft filled 2016.  Another year another chapter in your wonderful life.


Now I believe it is a crafters tradition to commence a new project on New Years Day.  It helps get the creative juices flowing.  So I  have decided on something quick and easy to do as it is summer here and it’s averaging 34C + lately.  So a little kit project from the Needle Craft Magic Series.  My mum Rose collected the series and ever now & then I do a little project.  The 7 binder series is full of all manner of craft projects, embroidery, quilting etc etc etc


The Hungty Caterpillar Fun Clip, perfect to hang our shopping on the fridge 😊 only 30 minutes in total.  Finished design 1 1/2x 1 2/16.  Lovely bright colours to start the year.


Ciao for now

Happy Stitching xxx Debbierose



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