Reading, Stitching and Other Stuff . . .

I have picked up a book I started a little while ago and forgot I started. It is called The Seafront Tea Rooms – a novel by Vanessa Greene.


As it states on the back jacket

“it is a delicious brew of love and friendship, a heart warming quintessentially British tale – full of romance, tea and cake.  The Seafront Tea Room is an uplifting novel about the strength found in true friendship.”

Yes a real girly chick read ☺


On a recent trip to the MOTH’s folks a wander in there garden revealed this iconic Australian Beauty – the  “Callistermon” or Bottle Brush – look at the gorgeous colour of this aptly named native shrub.

DSC_0020 (2)2

Naturally a little more stitching on my Box of Delights – I so enjoy this project- its zooming along.  My SIL took this photo, and like mine it too turned out with a different background.  However my clever SIL is undertaking a photography course, took the picture along and we found out it was due to the saturation content and how to modify it – so here is an accurate depiction of where I am at and the true colour.  Thanks to my clever SIL.

Noe to sort the back log of craft I have been playing with these last few weeks and photos, then more blogging 😲

That’s it for now – Happy Stitching

Love Debbierose


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