Ain’t we Cute 💑

Last Tuesday while at my Tuesday SIN Group  (Sewing Information Network) I started a new project.  A freebie blackwork design from the generous and talented Liz Almond.   Its called box of delights.  Now I’m not sure what happened with the camera. But it seems I have a lighting issue.  The true color is lemon background 18 count Aida.  When finished it will be approximately 22cm sq.  I am using a lovely variegated thread from Cottage Garden Threads number 1002 Kangaroo Paw.

1st 6 blocks, outline only
Half outline complete
Half outline complete

I have decided to do all the outline first then fill in patterns later.  If you want to check out Liz’s blog   its and its filled with loads of wonderful work.


usually don’t picture my MOTH as he likes his anonymity. He consented to these pictures being added to my blog.  Here I am with my handsome  MOTH, out for his birthday dinner.  But this is one of the few pics of us that look good.  I  hate having my picture taken, as being a cuddly girl.  I’m Self conscious, except today.  Love takes over.


Last year we bought bikes.  They had a little use before I hurt my knee (again ) now spring is here, time to dust off the pedals and hit the pavement. Team Mickey ‘n’ Goofy

20150928_142443That’s it for now from the land of OZ

Happy Stitching



2 thoughts on “Ain’t we Cute 💑

  1. belated birthday wishes to the MOTH ^^ and make sure you guys take things gently on your bikes. Start out with just a short ride, and build up distance & stamina slowly

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