All quiet on the Southern Front …

Yep, its been very quiet.  I  have been busy doing extra shifts at work.  So my downtime has not been very productive. Just the usual baking & domestic duties.

Our kitchen clock expired recently.  The MOTH & I  found a suitable replacement.  Even though it is made in China and purchased in a store close by to us , it brings happy thoughts and memories of a trip we took a few years ago.   3 years ago to be precise.  Claire can you believe its been 3 years since we visited and you together we explored the Catacombs with the MOTH while your MOTH worked.

20150822_135019_01  2015-08-31-19-24-52--77253348

Now I have added a few hexagons to the QAYG, a little more plain knitting.  That 3 ply back is time consuming.  A few Christmas goodies which need to remain secret.


Sweet fruity treat for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.

The there’s baking.  Experimenting. Creating.  I came across a great basic versatile dough recipe. it has loads of groovy, simple recipes, hints and tips.

I experimented tonight with the recipe.  Tweaked it using gluten free SR flour and vanilla yogurt.  Added some dry fruit, baked 10 min, turned each scone over for 5 more minutes to brown the other side.  Not too bad easy GF fruit scone.

20150831_172149  20150831_184114

What have you created or Tweaked lately.

Happy creating

XX Debbierose

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