2 Months or 8 weeks – either way time has flown by…

Yes as the title suggests it has been quite some time since my last blog post.

I hope you have missed me.  I have been doing a little blog reading, but not too much as I have not had time, and also needed to rest my weary mind and body.  It seems I have a permanent I will call a middle ear thingy, which has caused all manner of strife, but not too worry, some rest, medication and several tests later. I am on the mend.  Being a sinus and allergy sufferer I thought it was just the usual seasonal rhinitis but I was wrong.  Unfortunately I let it get too far. So MRI, CT etc  But now on the mend.  Still have a numb face but at least its not Bells Palsy although i did get a partial facial droop.  If I get brave I might share that photo but don’t hold your breath – its not pretty.

So what has life had in store.  This might be a little hotch potch and not necessarily in order of event. A little cooking.  Cookies, slices mainly and stocking up the freezer with slow cooker winter warming casseroles and soups.  Yes its winter here in the land of Oz.  A reminder to where I am located – at the southern end of the continent, in Geelong, Victoria.  Yesterday when I poked my nose from under the doona it was a brisk 1 Deg outside.  The MOTH and I have our youngest visiting from QLD, Rockhampton temperature 15 deg – its my step son, who I consider my own, if I could have had kids I would have liked a son just like him.   Naturally he thinks he is “f-f-freezing to death”.  Luckily he gets to borrow his Dads Essendon Footy Coat.   Its a little large for him but cosy.

Reversible Beanies

Yesterday we travelled to Melbourne – an hour down the road – to see their beloved Bombers Essendon Football Team train. I got them reversible beanies at the Bomber Shop.  Then across to Chelsea to visit  Oma and Opa.  We tried to order Chines takeaway for tea, but the shop was closed so ended up with chicken, salads and rolls.   My Boys are off to the footy today at the Cattery – or Geelongs Home Game – they are nick named the Cats…………… I’m off to a girl friends to knit and chat while they watch the game. Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne – shopping for me and footy Essendon playing at Ethiad Stadium.  Hopefully they have fun.  Will tell more about that later in the week.

Trying to blend with the Boys. Rocking it in my Pashmina Wrap
Trying to blend with the Boys. Rocking it in my Pashmina Wrap

Last week I went to Melbourne with my Bestie to the craft and quilt show.  Now we enjoy our show, and had a great day out.  However was a little disappointed with the lack of stalls and stock.  It seems the traders have had all their stall prices increased and therefore it has affected  who attends and how much merchandise they have.  They do have lots of free classes or talks you can attend. My favourite was the scarf lady, and I know know how to tie my scarves and pashminas into pretty ways.  Love my accessories.  I have been experimenting for work – I actually have a non compulsory uniform so which I can dress up or down depending on my mood.  So here it is in different colour ways.

Jazzing it up for work
Jazzing it up for work

I did get a few items at the craft show.  Another bag pattern – surprise surprise.  A fat 1/4 which I  think I shall use with a print of Audrey Hepburn to make – perhaps a bag.  I won prize also for dancing the Grease Lightening or participating in the dance before the show.  Its a cute retractable tape measure pattern cover.  A Christmas Swag pattern and stitchery – couldn’t resist. Teflon ironing mat.



The MOTH went shopping and bought us a pressie, as we both adore Disney – Mickey and Minnie money boxes.  There so cute.


Ciao for now and Happy Stitching

Love Debbierose


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